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Are We Saying Goodbye To Traditional Funerals?

Funeral Traditions – Are They Still Important?

When you think about what a traditional funeral is, you may think about mourners who arrive dressed in black, traditional caskets and formal, religious services, but are they still important parts of how we arrange funerals in the UK? We took a look at some of the most commonly requested funeral trends to find out.

Traditional Vs. Unique Funeral Arrangements

At Viner and Sons, we find that often people now want to plan a funeral that is not traditionally religious and that focuses more on celebrating the life they led rather than whether they have gone to the afterlife or not. However, these shifts appear to be generationally linked, with the more mature generation still opting for a more traditional service.

We also find that more people are electing to make more unique funeral arrangements in terms of their coffin choices, music choices and flower requests, with most now opting for just family flowers and donations to charities in their name. The one thing that is common across the many funerals we arrange is the person’s desire to make the day as stress-free as possible for their loved ones.

One area that does not seem to be shifting is the number of people choosing a cremation, with a number of people choosing this over a burial nowadays.

Modern Funeral Arrangements – What You Can Expect

As funeral traditions evolve and change, many of our clients come to us to ask what options they now have and whether we can arrange them. Some of the most common modern funeral arrangements include:

  • Asking attendees to wear bright colours
  • Playing non-religious music
  • Requesting a non-religious service
  • Making the wake the centrepiece of the day
  • Choosing a non-traditional location for the service and wake
  • Locating the ashes of a loved one in jewellery or in bespoke vessels

The great news is that the Viner and Sons team will do everything possible to make the day everything you want it to be, no matter the unique requests you might have. We are also well versed in the art of traditional funerals, so whether you want to arrange a unique day for your loved one, or go with the simplistic beauty of a traditional funeral, we can help.

Arranging a Funeral in Kent That Meets Your Needs

Viner and Sons is a funeral director in Kent with many years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to help you plan the funeral you want. We work with individuals and families to create days that reflect the lives of loved ones that have passed so that they can be celebrated and remembered with love.

Whether you have recently lost someone or you want to make your own funeral arrangements in advance, we are here to help. From traditional funerals to modern, we have the skills to make the day a true reflection of the person you are saying goodbye to. Get in touch today to make an appointment.

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