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Prepaid Funeral Plans With Golden Charter

The loss of a loved one is very often a devastating thing for those that are left. This, compounded with both the emotional and financial burden placed upon you can have serious implications and more and more people are thinking of a pre-paid funeral account to alleviate the worry and also to ensure that their funeral is exactly how they would want it to be. Viner & Sons work closely with ‘Golden Charter’ for our pre-need funerals and many people take out these plans in order that the family left behind do not have additional worry or concern. Your family or estate will not be asked for any further payment and our invoice would be sent directly to Golden Charter. You are able to choose exactly where and how your funeral is to take place, your music choices, your vehicle requirements as well as what you would like to happen after the funeral. For a leaflet on Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral plans please telephone our main number on 01732 842485 or click the link opposite.