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Can You Have A Delayed Memorial Post Pandemic?

When COVID-19 hit, many of us were left without the ability to say goodbye to loved ones that passed away, meaning that grieving and closure became harder to achieve. However, now restrictions have eased, it may be a good time to start planning the memorial service they deserve.

Post-COVID Memorial Service Ideas

Planning a memorial service can be a traditional affair or something unique, with either a large gathering or a more select number of people. Ultimately, finding a way to create the service you wanted to plan during COVID will help everyone who loved the deceased person to say their goodbyes and celebrate your loved one.

Whilst it may not feel ideal, there are some benefits to planning a memorial service that sometimes happens after a death, including:

  •         Giving you enough time to organise something that reflects the person and honours them the way you want.
  •         Giving everyone who wants to attend the opportunity to arrange travel and accommodation to do so.
  •         Providing an opportunity for anyone that wants to be involved in the planning process to have the opportunity to do so.

Your Planning Guide

Once you have decided to hold a memorial service, you will need to start getting your plans in order. Rather than trying to work it out on your own, take a look at our list to get your ideas organised.

Decide On A Date

The first step needed is to think about the date you want to hold your service on and ensure that you share it with all the guests to give them enough time to make sure they are able to attend.

Think About The Service

Considering what you want to include in the service is also important. From special speakers to specific readings, these choices will help you personalise the day.

Choose Your Music

Most memorial services will have music, and this is an area where you can take the preferences of the person that has died to create a tribute to them that will ensure the day is as personal as possible.

Find An Officiant

Choosing a faith officiant or someone of standing in your community to lead the memorial service could make the day more personal. Make sure you get in touch early to check that your proposed date works for them.

Pick Your Decorations

From fresh flowers to photo montages of your loved one, there are a number of choices you will need to make about décor. Planning it in advance will allow you to get the items you want to be prepared in advance.

Let Us Help

At Viner and Sons, we are experts in funerals and memorials, helping you to create a fitting tribute to the person you have lost. Contact us today to find out how we can help and get the answers to your questions so that you can plan the best memorial service possible.

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