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What an achievement! After a year of hard work, 31 essays and a two-and-a-half-hour exam. Both Dan and Nathan have received their certificates from the NAFD for their Diploma in Funeral Directing. Not only does this mean that the company now employs two fully qualified Funeral Directors. It also means that we can provide specialist services within the industry. As part of the training, they had to complete work on Burial at Sea, Military Funerals, Bequeathal (donating your body to scientific research), exhumations and conducting funerals for more than one person. Each area of the funeral industry requires specialist knowledge. As a company we are more than happy to help guide you through any service that you require from us. Another area that was studied was legislation differences between England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland and how the registration process is different from each country. Before this diploma, both lads completed the diploma in funeral arranging and administration which also provided them with a wealth of knowledge. This diploma covered areas such as Funeral Rites (how different religions have different traditions and rules that must be adhered to). This means that we are fully prepared to help arrange funerals for people of every religious background. An area of the course which was quite important was understanding grief. It helps the team know what to expect from their clients and how to best help them deal with the situation they are in.

It is not essential for Funeral Directors to hold these qualifications, but it is advantageous to have them. When choosing your Funeral Director, it is always good to check if there are any qualified Funeral Directors within the company to give you the best service that you deserve.

Certificate of diploma from National Funeral Directors
Certificate of diploma from National Funeral Directors
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