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How Can You Talk to Your Parents About a Funeral Plan?

Understanding your parents’ final wishes can be hard to process, but taking the time to talk to them about their funeral plans and arrangements can help to ease the pressure you feel when the day comes to put them into action. If you don’t know how to introduce the conversation, take a moment to read some of our tips.

Why Talking About Funeral Plans is Essential

More than 85% of UK adults over fifty say that end of life planning is an important part of their future. Despite this, only around 45% of UK adults over fifty have taken the opportunity to discuss what they want. Funerals are not easy to talk about at the best of times, but it is a vital conversation to have if you want to respect your parents’ wishes. Plus, knowing what your parents want and have planned will help you to find the time you need to grieve when the day comes.

Asking if They Have a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

One of the most important things to find out is whether your parents have organised a pre-paid funeral plan already. Roughly 6% of adults in the UK have pre-arranged their funeral and paid for it, making their wishes clear and taking the pressure off their loved ones. If your parents do have a pre-paid plan in place, then you can find out where it is held and help to respect their wishes.

Supporting Them to Set Up a Funeral Payment Plan

If your parents have not set up a funeral payment plan, doing one with them may be a good way to address any questions. No parent wants their child to bear the brunt of paying for their end of life service, but it can be expensive to find the money to pay for it all in one go. By arranging a funeral payment plan, you can help your parents to plan what they want and organise paying for it in a way that fits their budget.

Considerations Beyond Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It is important to work with your parents to find out what they want their funeral to look like. This means that you can invite the right people and ensure that any important details are not omitted. They may have a special song or hymn that they want to have played or a specific photo that they want to be shared. Talking openly about their funeral will give you all the information you need to make their final goodbye memorable for all the right reasons.

Arranging Funerals with Viner & Sons

When your parents are ready to make plans for their funeral, working with Viner & Sons is a great next step. As an independent funeral directors, we will work with you all to create a day that reflects your parents’ lives and their final wishes. Call our team today to arrange an initial discussion or look at our website for more information on our service.

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