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What are the Benefits of Using an Independent Funeral Director?

You may have heard of independent funeral directors but not understood who they are or what they offer compared to chain funeral directors. Choosing an independent funeral director comes with a range of great benefits. Find out more about what you can expect when you choose a local funeral service.

Local Funeral Directors Offer a Cost-Effective Service

Many people believe that a chain funeral director would be cheaper and have more options to choose from, but this is not the case. Studies have shown that in a direct comparison between independent and chain providers, independent ones are nearly 90% cheaper on average! Independent suppliers are cheaper because they have fewer overheads and need less profits to keep their business afloat.

An Independent Funeral House Offers Personalised Support

Like Viner & Sons, independent funeral houses have a wealth of experience and strong community links that mean personalised care is far more achievable. By working in a specific community, you can get to know local suppliers and the options that are available, as well as forging strong relationships with families as their funeral director of choice. This personalisation will ensure that the funeral goes smoothly and that everyone’s needs are met with care and consideration.

Independent Funeral Directors Come with Lots of Experience

Arranging a funeral is not only an emotional process but requires a lot of decision making. When you choose an independent provider, then you will receive a wealth of experience and compassion and find personalised support to make some of the hard decisions. At Viner & Sons, we have been providing funeral care since 1777, meaning that our industry knowledge is unparalleled and will provide you with a better experience than with a chain service.

Independent Funeral Directors are Flexible

Every funeral is a personal affair, and choosing an independent provider means that you can expect to get a flexible service based on your personal needs. Chain providers have to stick to an agreed format for all their funeral services, and this can leave options restricted when you need to make arrangements. With an independent supplier, your individual needs determines the support you require.

Funeral Care that Doesn’t End After the Service

It’s also important to note that an independent provider will work hard to support your ongoing bereavement once a funeral service has ended. This could include memorial services and signposting you to any support you need as time moves on. Trusting an independent funeral service means that you get expert support and care as life begins to move on.

Get the Support You Need From Viner & Sons LTD

Viner & Sons are an independent funeral service that will offer you all the support you need when arranging a service for a loved one. Please take a moment to look at our website and contact us to start making the arrangements you need. With us, you can be sure that personal care is our top priority.

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