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What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving?

When you learn that someone has died, your first thought will be to contact the people that loved them to offer your condolences. However, knowing what to say and do can be difficult, especially when you want to offer the best possible grief support. We’ve covered some of the best things you can say and do to help someone who is grieving.


Start By Sharing Your Condolences

Acknowledging what someone is going through is the first step to offering grief support. Tell them that you know that they have experienced a loss and that you are sorry that they are going through this process. You don’t need to see someone to do this either, sharing a text, call or even sending a card are all good ways to let them know they are in your thoughts.


Talk About the Person That Has Died

Many of us work hard to take someone’s mind off their grief in a bid to be supportive, but this is not always the best way forward. Sharing memories and talking about the person that has died is not only a good way to keep their memory alive but will give the person grieving a safe space to talk too, if they want to.


Remind Them You Are There

In the initial hours and days of grief, many people will be inundated by condolences, and this can be overwhelming. However, this support can taper off quickly, leaving someone feeling alone. Taking the time to give them the opportunity to talk will be appreciated and remind them that they are not alone and can depend on you for ongoing grief support.


Reassure Them That All Feelings Are Valid

The different stages of grief come with a wide range of emotions, and the person who is grieving may be left feeling that they are not handling things well enough. Take the time to reassure them that all feelings are completely valid and that you are there to listen, as their journey through grief is personal to them and that there is no good or bad way to handle things.


Don’t Try to Fix Things

Basic human nature makes us want to fix things when someone is struggling, but it is important that you recognise that you cannot make this situation any better for them. Explain that you are sorry that they are experiencing feelings of sadness and pain but that you are there for them now and for as long as they need you.


Provide Practical Support

Offering help with practicalities can be a good way to relieve the burden they feel. From helping them to sort through things to finding the best funeral advice and services, there is a lot you can do to ease the burden without taking over. At Viner and Sons, we offer funeral services that can be designed by you to say the most personal goodbye. Get in touch with us today and let us help.

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