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Why Should You Consider A Pre-Paid Funeral?

For many people death is, understandably, a really difficult thing to discuss, or even think about. It is important, however, that it is not a topic we totally shy away from with our friends and family so that we can ensure that funeral arrangements and ‘last wishes’ reflect what we, or our loved ones, want.

When it comes to funeral arrangements, there are so many options available now, from traditional funerals to cremations, or woodland burials, that it can be overwhelming. This, compounded with the emotional and financial burden often left behind when somebody passes away, is one core reason why people consider pre-paid funerals and they are rising in popularity. 

What Is A Pre-Paid Funeral?

Pre-paid funerals are an easy way to pre-plan the funeral you want, and pay for things up front, at today’s prices. Pre-paid funeral plans typically range in price and there are different levels and options available. 

At Viner & Sons, we work closely with Golden Charter for our pre-paid funerals. Through these plans, you are able to choose exactly where and how your funeral is going to take place, your music choices, your vehicle requirements as well as what you would like to happen after the funeral. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Paid Funerals?

There are numerous benefits to taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, including some of the following:

Cost Effective

There are no hidden costs when taking out a funeral plan. With everything being agreed up front, you know what you are paying for and can ensure that everything is covered from the off. 

When agreeing to a funeral plan ahead of time, this also can be more cost effective, as you don’t have to contend with any rising or increasing funeral costs, you simply pay for everything at today’s prices. Many organisations also offer payment plans, so you do not have to worry about paying for everything in one fell swoop and it can help to take some of the financial pressure off.

Plan Things Your Own Way 

Your goodbye wishes count, and a pre-paid funeral plan lets you ensure that you have the send off that you want, right down to the minute detail; whether that’s the type of flowers you’d like, or the music you want. With so few people actually discussing with their loved ones what they would like to have in place when it comes to their funeral, a funeral plan can be a really good option.

Take The Pressure Off Your Loved Ones

This can really help to take the pressure off your loved ones, at a time that is already fraught with emotion. Many people find great comfort in knowing that, when the time comes, the decisions for the funeral have already been made and that their friends and family will be supported through it.

If you’d like to learn more about pre-paid funeral plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your options. You can contact us on 01732 842485, or find more information about Golden Charter funeral plans here.

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