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Why Should You Use A Local Funeral Directors?

As a small, independent funeral director, we are really passionate about local business and supporting our community through the hardest of times. Local funeral directors really do care about their communities and the people they meet there. It is this level of care and attention that sets an independent funeral provider above the rest and means we can make a real difference.

Personal ongoing care

By choosing a local funeral director, you are dealing with people who understand the community and people in the area. As a result, you receive more personalised support and care that goes beyond simply arranging a funeral. One of the main benefits of a local funeral service is the personal aftercare. Once a funeral service has been completed, we do not go anywhere, meaning we are always here whenever you need us. This presence can provide great comfort and reassurance to those who are experiencing a painful and difficult time.

As professional funeral directors, local services are still able to provide the highest quality advice when it comes to handling funeral arrangements, registering a death, or which government support you can qualify for. The benefit is that you get a personal touch; we are committed to supporting our families through hard times and are here for you 24 hours a day.

Staying local

Small businesses have a strong, positive impact on the local area. Money made by local businesses stays local, and that is used to further support other businesses and schemes in the immediate community.

As a community orientated funeral director in Kent, we pride ourselves on using other local businesses and employing local people to help support those around us. This feeds more money in the local community which ultimately helps benefit everyone living in the area.

Community orientated

Viner & Sons was established back in 1777, making us one of the oldest independent, family run funeral directors in the country. Our roots within the community of West Malling go back generations, and that is something we are deeply proud and passionate about. You can learn more about our history and our team here. 

Having such lasting connections with the local area, we know many of the families that we help. This understanding is reflected in our service, as we treat those going through a difficult time with personal humility rather than just simply a transaction.

Being local, you can also speak with the owner directly. If you have any questions, or problems that you want to raise, you have easy, personal channels of communication. The reputation of a local funeral director is based on the feelings from those in the community they serve, meaning it is in their interests to provide the best service possible.

If you would like to find out more about the funeral services we offer, please get in contact and speak with a member of our helpful and friendly team today.

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