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Woodland Burial

Viner and Sons Funeral Directors recently carried out a natural burial service at the beautiful site of Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground. This service was an alternative to the traditional funerals we conduct.

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground located in Edenbridge, Kent, is an enchanting 22-acre green cemetery operated and managed by the Natural Death Centre charity. Developed specifically for ‘Natural Burials’, the peaceful site offers a beautiful and secluded resting place. Burials take place in an area adjacent to the ancient bluebell woodland, amongst younger but well-established oak trees.

Green Burial is an environmentally friendly burial option, free from the carbon emissions produced through the cremation process or the land commitment of traditional cemeteries. A green burial takes place in a “green cemetery” or “natural burial ground”.

Natural burial is the interment of the body in the soil in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition but allows the body to be naturally recycled. We would only use an eco friendly biodegradable coffin or casket.

When we arrived at Eden Valley, the burial plot had been already prepared by the owner. The bearers carried the coffin from the hearse and placed it on a wooden bier which was then wheeled to the graveside. A portable music system was used to play the first piece chosen by the family. The conductor walked back down to the car park to escort the family to the grave along the woodland path.

The coffin was lowered into the ground before the service commenced at the request of the family. The service was conducted by a life celebrant and had the usual structure of any other service we would normally carry out.  Additional recorded music was also played throughout the. After the celebrant had concluded the service the family were given some loose earth to throw into the grave.  The family were left for a period of reflection in their own time they left the woodland area and returned to the vehicles.

A tree is planted next to the plot in memory of the deceased as appose to the traditional headstone.

If you would like to know more about a natural burial. Please call us on 01732 842485.

Lavender And Trees In The Woods
Eden Valley
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